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Starting treatment with Korlym

Learn important information about Korlym and what you can expect during treatment.

Starting a new treatment often comes with questions. Why was this prescribed? How do I take it? And what can I expect? Together, let’s learn some important information about Korlym and what you can expect during treatment. Korlym is an oral medication used to treat high blood sugar caused by Cushing syndrome. It works to reduce negative effects of excess cortisol activity in your body by competing with cortisol at the cellular level. Cells in your body have receptors, and Korlym attaches to some of them so that excess cortisol cannot. Korlym does not stop your body from making cortisol, so you may still have high levels of cortisol throughout treatment. At first, your treatment with Korlym may be challenging because your body has gotten used to high cortisol activity for a long time. Over time, your body will adjust to the decrease in cortisol activity. It’s important to share any side effects you experience with your doctor, as they may need to adjust other medications you’re taking. Korlym should be taken once a day, swallowed whole with a meal, and not split, chewed, or crushed. While taking Korlym, you’ll need to have your blood drawn periodically to check your potassium levels. This is important because some people may experience lower than normal potassium levels while on Korlym, and this can be a serious health risk. If left untreated, low potassium can lead to increased blood pressure and can affect your heart rate. Your doctor may decide to prescribe potassium or other medications to keep your potassium levels normal. Changes in your blood sugar and blood pressure are also possible while taking Korlym. If you’re not already monitoring these at home, ask your doctor if you should start. Korlym can help reduce blood sugar caused by excess cortisol, so if you take medications for diabetes, they might need to be reduced or adjusted. Finding the right dose of Korlym takes time. Before starting Korlym, you should work with your doctor to establish treatment expectations and goals. The best way to see how Korlym is working is to track your symptoms and look for improvements. Some improvements will happen quickly, while others will take time. Throughout treatment, review your symptoms and improvements with your doctor at each visit. They may need to adjust your dose of Korlym to help you reach your treatment goals. Korlym may cause unusual vaginal bleeding. If you notice signs of unusual bleeding or any changes in your menstrual cycle, tell your doctor right away. We’ve shared a lot about taking Korlym and what you can expect, and you may still have questions. That’s why we created Corcept Cares. Corcept Cares provides personalized support from a dedicated team of experts who are ready to help you succeed in your Korlym treatment journey. You can sign up and learn more about Corcept Cares at Korlym.com.

Personalized support from Corcept Cares

From providing one-on-one support to delivering ongoing educational emails, our dedicated team of experts is ready to help you succeed in your Korlym treatment journey.

We know that living with Cushing syndrome can feel overwhelming, and you’ve probably talked a lot about treatment. But what about the support that comes with it? At Corcept, we care about making medicine, and we care about supporting the people who take it. That’s because we believe personalized support can help you reach your treatment goals. Corcept Cares about keeping you informed. Sometimes, you might have questions about Cushing syndrome or treatment. Other times, you just need someone to listen. Know that you can give your Patient Advocate a call. Patient Advocates are healthcare professionals specially trained in Cushing syndrome. They’re ready to listen and help you find answers. Corcept Cares about keeping you on track. And because we believe support should never end, we’ll send you ongoing tools and reminders to help with your day-to-day treatment routine. You’re not on this journey alone. We’re here to support you along the way. Because today, and every day, Corcept Cares.

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