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Personalized support to help you reach your treatment goals

At Corcept, we are committed to helping patients find the support they’re looking for. That’s why we created Corcept Cares—to provide every person on a Corcept treatment access to support from a dedicated team of experts.

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Getting your medicine

Our team of specialists is here to help with insurance coverage and scheduling your monthly delivery of Korlym®. A dedicated Korlym SPARK Pharmacist is also on call 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about Korlym.

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One-on-one support

Have questions about taking Korlym? Want additional information about Cushing syndrome? Need someone to listen and offer emotional support? A dedicated Corcept Cares Patient Advocate is here for you.

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Stay connected

Get wellness tips, lifestyle content, and information about Cushing syndrome and Korlym delivered right to your inbox.

While your Corcept Cares Patient Advocate is here to provide additional information, they cannot and do not offer medical advice. Talk to your healthcare provider regularly about your treatment, side effects, and the best dose of Korlym for you.

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We know that living with Cushing syndrome can feel overwhelming, and you’ve probably talked a lot about treatment. But what about the support that comes with it? At Corcept, we care about making medicine, and we care about supporting the people who take it. That’s because we believe personalized support can help you reach your treatment goals. Corcept Cares about keeping you informed. Sometimes, you might have questions about Cushing syndrome or treatment. Other times, you just need someone to listen. Know that you can give your Patient Advocate a call. Patient Advocates are healthcare professionals specially trained in Cushing syndrome. They’re ready to listen and help you find answers. Corcept Cares about keeping you on track. And because we believe support should never end, we’ll send you ongoing tools and reminders to help with your day-to-day treatment routine. You’re not on this journey alone. We’re here to support you along the way. Because today, and every day, Corcept Cares.

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Find resources for ongoing treatment support, from patient stories to downloadable guides.

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