One-on-one support

from your Corcept Cares Patient Advocate

Speak with a Patient Advocate

You also have access to one-on-one support from a dedicated Corcept Cares Patient Advocate. They have previous healthcare experience and are specially trained in Cushing syndrome (also known as hypercortisolism) and Korlym®. They can provide emotional support, as well as information and resources on:

  • Cushing syndrome

  • How Korlym works

  • Why monitoring is important

  • What to expect during treatment

While your Corcept Cares Patient Advocate is here to provide additional information, they cannot and do not offer medical advice. Talk your healthcare provider regularly about your treatment, side effects, and the best dose of Korlym for you.

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Watch this video to learn about a personalized support program to help you during treatment.

Personalized support
Get resources and support that fit your needs.