Downloadable resources

Korlym® patient brochure

A guide with tips and tools to help you throughout treatment.

Patient guide to starting Korlym

An informational resource to help guide you as you begin treatment, including how to take Korlym, what to expect during treatment, and the importance of monitoring.

Patient progress tracker

A tool to help track improvements and how you are feeling throughout treatment.

Talking about Korlym with your healthcare providers

Once prescribed, you should let all of your healthcare providers know that you are taking Korlym. This guide can help you start those conversations.

Signs and symptoms checklist

A tool to help you and your healthcare provider determine if testing for Cushing syndrome (also known as hypercortisolism) is right for you.

Supporting your loved one during treatment with Korlym

A guide to help you and your loved one navigate this complex disease and provide important information about Korlym.

Is Korlym right for you?

A guide to help you and your healthcare provider decide if Korlym is right for you.

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Want more information about Cushing syndrome? is an educational website dedicated to helping people learn more about cortisol, Cushing syndrome, and more.


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